Point of view: Linked by the click of a shutter

In my work, I have always been drawn to interesting faces. I collect portraits from all over the world.

It's not easy walking up to strangers and asking to take their picture, but when I'm holding cameras my natural shyness is often overcome by my desire to capture an image. Usually, my subjects are flattered and agree to be photographed. Sometimes we don't share a language, but the question is easily asked and answered with gestures, smiles, and nods.

Abel Flores was standing in the yard outside his home in a poor colonia in Texas, on the Mexican border. He held his little brother, Ivan, gently in his arms. I watched a few moments before approaching them. Their mother proudly agreed to let me take their picture. To me, it is a universal portrait of tenderness and brotherly love. We strangers are now linked by the click of my shutter.

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