Your aliens have landed!

Last month, Kidspace readers were invited to imagine what kind of creature might ooze, zip, scuttle, or hop around Europa, Jupiter's ice-covered moon. You responded with scores of brilliant, thoughtful, and funny pictures and descriptions!

Some creatures could disguise themselves as puddles or ate fog and dirt. They were named 'Mr.' and 'Bobby,' also 'Sploongsh' and 'Nilly.' A few spoke French or Italian. One of them is restaurant manager....

All of them, our judges agreed, were exceptional in one way or another. We had a difficult time deciding among them.

The creators of these aliens will each receive a T-shirt with his or her alien on it, copies of the Monitor, and a certificate. Thanks to all!


Forest Elliott

Third grade; Otis, Ore.

'It eats moon grass. It hops. It grunts. It rolls around.'


Anna Tachav

Seventh grade; Louisville, Ky.

'The creatures on the aliens' heads grab food in the water; the suckers on their hands help stick to the bottom (grabbing things); the third eye lights up and helps see through the murky water. The flaps on the nose and eyes help protect them, and the tentacles help it swim.'

3rd: GRYN

Dylan Price

First grade; San Rafael, Calif.

'A "Gryn" (pronounced 'green') moves in the liquid water beneath the surface of Europa by waving its long foot and arms. They eat the ice (and the creatures within it) by breaking off bits with their teeth and claws. They look like bubbles because they float at the bottom of the ice layer. The most interesting fact about Gryn is their ability to communicate with other Gryn through the movement of their luminescent eyes using a binary code of "yes" and "no." Gryn like sliding on ice surfaces and dislike sunlight because their eyes are so sensitive. It lives in the dark.'


Kassandra Denham

Fourth grade; Acton, Maine

'Fish Eater 9000 eats fish. They have two hands, 18 arms, two flippers, a television on "The Fish Channel" attached to one flipper, and 16 eyes. They are colorful so fish will come to them. For fun they take an icicle and pass it back and forth with their heads. They eat fish and drink water. '


Hattie Simpson

Third grade; Raleigh, N.C.

'Qubasie lives under the ice on Europa. He uses his snout to cut through the ice, and his six arms to mix up slushies - his favorite food. He uses the stinger on the end of his tail to scare off enemies, and the tips on his arms blink like lightning bugs to communicate.


Alex Qirjazi

Fourth grade; Ipswich, Mass.

'Tiny is a small alien. He comes from Europa. He has great ears that can hear from miles away. Tiny has no feet or legs. He only has spikes. On Europa, if Tiny gets stuck in the ground, he uses his hands to pull himself out.... Tiny is a cute alien, but when he is hungry, hide the bananas. I think everyone should have a Tiny in their home.'

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