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Saturday 6/7

The Directors: The Films of Adrian Lyne (Encore, 11 p.m.-12 midnight): No matter what one may think of his films, Lyne is at the very least a skilled director. "Lolita" was an awful film, but there was something more to "Jacob's Ladder," "Foxes," and even the thriller "Fatal Attraction." His French New Wave influences are clear, yet his pictures are highly commercial, imaginative, and vivid. It is interesting to hear from the actors who worked with him, but more engaging to hear from the director himself, who explains how he approaches his scripts.

French Open (NBC, 9 a.m.): Andre Agassi dropped the ball earlier this week, but Serena Williams is keeping the play going on the red-clay courts of Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. She aims to win her fifth successive Grand Slam title.

NBA Finals (ABC, 8:30 p.m.): The San Antonio Spurs and the New Jersey Nets meet at New Jersey's Continental Airlines Arena in the third game of this best-of-seven series.

Sunday 6/8

Jasper, Texas (Showtime, 8-10 p.m.): Five years ago, a middle-aged black man was murdered by three young white men in a hate crime that rocked the whole country. But it forced the residents of the little Texas town, whose black mayor and white sheriff found themselves in a ghastly limelight, to follow their conscience. These townsfolk, black and white, are decent people trying to do their best by their neighbors - still in the thrall of ancient prejudices and fears. It is the town's Christian ministers who realize that they must organize their congregations to stand together. Actors Jon Voight as Sheriff Billy Rowles and Louis Gossett Jr. as Mayor R.C. Horn bring enormous skill and experience to their roles, supported by an excellent (mostly) African-American cast and writers that penetrate all clichés. TV-14

Tony Awards (CBS, 8-11 p.m.): See story, left. TV-PG

Wednesday 6/11

The Court TV Safety Challenge: Behind the Wheel (Court TV, 8-8:30 p.m.): Cynthia McFadden hosts the return of Court TV's safety series, which presents scenarios to an audience, asks them what they would do, and then gives the correct safety tips. In this case, they are car safety tips. Wear your seat belt. Don't encourage road rage.

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