Let's get it right, people

George O'Key was wandering through a public park in Middlesbrough, England, when he decided to stop and read the plaque on its old war memorial. It was an unsettling experience. There, he found his own name on the honor roll of local Britons who'd died in World War II, which ended 58 years ago. Oh, O'Key had served in a British uniform, all right, and even had a few narrow escapes. But he returned home from the war safely. So? "I went straight to the park manager's office," he told journalists. "I said, 'I just want you to know I'm still alive.'" The name on the roll, he added, should be that of his brother, Frederick. The matter now is before the Middlesbrough Council, which has promised to correct the mistake.

How world's frequent fliers rate their favorite airports

Dubai's airport, the busiest in the Middle East and renowned for its duty-free shops, was named best in the world for a second straight year by the International Air Transport Association. The industry group surveyed 70,000 travelers for their views on 51 major airports. Delta's hub in Cincinnati is the only US facility in the top 10. The most popular international airports, and their passenger satisfaction scores (out of a possible 5.00) based on such criteria as dining facilities, shops, and access to ground transportation:

1. Dubai International, United Arab Emirates 4.35
2. Singapore Changi Airport 4.22
3. Hong Kong International 4.12
4. Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark 3.99
5. Kuala Lumpur International, Malaysia 3.96
6. Incheon International, Seoul, South Korea 3.92
7. Athens International (Eleftherios Venizelos) 3.88
8. Vancouver International, British Columbia 3.77
9. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International 3.76
10. Sydney Airport, Australia 3.75 - Reuters

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