Point of View: Some heroes are small

I consider myself lucky to have met so many inspiring people during my career as a photojournalist for this newspaper. Some of them hold positions of power, but most are relatively unknown folks who impact their own small worlds. And sometimes, these heroes come in surprisingly small packages.

I met Hannah in a Russian orphanage the day she met her adoptive parents from America. She was only 3, small for her age but with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

How would this tiny child take in all the dramatic changes to everything she'd ever known?

I watched as her caretakers dressed her up in the nicest pink dress and the best pair of shared shoes. She relished the attention in a world where too many children got too few hugs. The long plane ride home didn't even elicit a tear.

She has flourished in her new life; and three years later, her excitement and curiosity continue to draw people to her wherever she goes.

This photograph of Hannah on the threshold of a new life reminds me of the courage of one tiny girl who embraces life without fear.

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