For US rivers, it's becoming tougher to go with the flow

Rising demand from cities and agriculture, plus the destruction of watershed, are causing severe water shortages in rivers, the advocacy group American Rivers warns in its 2003 annual report. The 10 rivers the conservancy considers most endangered, and why (in parentheses):

1. Big Sunflower River, Mississippi (flood-control projects)
2. Klamath River, Oregon, California (irrigation, hydropower dams, pollution)
3. Ipswich River, Massachusetts (municipal consumption)
4. Gunnison River, Colorado (water exports to Denver)
5. Rio Grande, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas (diversion, consumption)
6. Mattaponi River, Virginia (proposed reservoir)
7. Platte River, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska (irrigation)
8. Snake River, Idaho, Washington, Oregon (dams)
9. Tallapoosa River, Alabama, Georgia (dams, consumption)
10. Trinity River, Texas (flood control, flood-plain development)
- US Newswire

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