Where wealth comes in buckets: richest NBA teams

From gate receipts to broadcast rights, basketball is an increasingly lucrative business, according to Forbes magazine. Consider: ESPN, the all-sports cable TV channel, paid a not-insubstantial $18 million for exclusive rights to the just-concluded NCAA women's college championship tournament this year, the first of a six-year contract. But that's peanuts compared with the NBA, which also is in Year 1 of a TV deal worth $4.6 billion. And that doesn't count all other sources of income for the league's 29 teams. Forbes's top 10 most valuable NBA teams and their estimated worth (in millions):

1. Los Angeles Lakers $426
2. New York Knicks 398
3. Chicago Bulls 323
4. Dallas Mavericks 304
5. Phliadelphia 76ers 298
6. Washington Wizards 278
7. Boston Celtics 274
8. Phoenix Suns 272
9. Portland Trailblazers 270
10. Sacramento Kings 259

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