There's one right for you

When they're hungry, the soldiers and marines of Operation Iraqi Freedom resort to those nourishing concoctions known as "meals ready to eat." Then there's the spiritual food

for vicars of the Church of England who lack the time to prepare adequately for Sunday services: "sermons ready to preach." All that's necessary in such a case is to browse a new website,, and choose a message suitable for the occasion - say, Easter. Cost: $12.50. Each comes with the label "fast response" and is written to last a minimum of 10 minutes. The innovation is the idea of the Rev. Bob Austin, who's also a professional author. He told the BBC: "[Vicars] are getting busier and busier ... these days, and sermons tend to go down to the bottom of the pile. You come to the end of the week and you think, 'Good heavens, I've [still] got to preach on Sunday!'"

Quote of the day

'A burning cross is an instrument of terror, and government should have the power to stamp out or punish its use.'

- Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, writing for the majority as the US Supreme Court upheld a ban on the practice.

Web Smarts

WHAT: "Kids rule the Kitchen" at, where youngsters can find recipes and cooking tips, and learn from expert chefs.

BEST POINTS: The site offers kitchen safety hints, information on cooking basics, a "Cooktionary," and a searchable index of hundreds of recipes organized by level of difficulty, all in a kid-friendly format.

Children can share their recipes, post a question to the Chief Chef experts, and enter the KidChef Spotlight contest for a chance to be featured online with their favorite recipe.

In addition, parents can find out about local cooking classes and events through the Parents' Forum and sign up for an electronic newsletter, as well as find links to information on healthy cooking and eating.

Both kids and culinarily challenged parents will appreciate the attractive organization of this site.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: KidChef promotes good eating habits and kitchen independence among kids and new chefs in an educational manner. is largely a noncommercial site, though there is an online shop.

Brokaw leads as TV's top news anchor, survey finds

NBC's Tom Brokaw is the news anchor American viewers trust most, according to the results of a new poll by TV Guide magazine. But the competition is stiff and subject to plenty of channel surfing. Thirty-one percent of the more than 1,000 adults surveyed said when news breaks, they check CNN first, even though Fox News is the ratings leader among cable channels and NBC among over-the-air networks. The most trusted anchors, and how much support there was for each, according to the TV Guide survey:

1. Tom Brokaw, "NBC Nightly News" 22%
2. Peter Jennings, "ABC World News Tonight" 17%
3. Dan Rather, "CBS Evening News" 16%
(tie) Shepard Smith, Fox News Channel
5. Aaron Brown, CNN 11%
6. Brian Williams, MSNBC 4%

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