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Saturday 4/5

Final Four (CBS, 6 p.m.): New Orleans hosts the college basketball tournament.

Sunday 4/6

The Jury (PBS, Sundays though April 27, check local listings): A boy has been murdered, and his Sikh classmate is charged with the crime. But the real story is crimes against the jury members themselves, and how their own emotional states influence how they think. Sir Derek Jacobi stars as the arrogant defense attorney.

Monday 4/7

Sesame Street (PBS, check local listings): The launching of the 34th season of the children's classic series is full of genuine fun as our furry friend Grover visits children of different cultures.

Tuesday 4/8

Napoleon (A&E, 8-10 p.m., part 2 airs Saturday): From his courtship of Josephine to his disastrous assault on Moscow, the story is all here. While there is plenty of history, it's hard to follow and not really enlightening. A fine cast (Isabella Rossellini as Josephine and Christian Clavier as Napoleon) will keep history buffs interested.


Biography (A&E, 8-9 p.m.): The most famous victim of the guillotine was subject to the kind of smear campaign even today's celebrities couldn't imagine. While the program presents a sympathetic portrayal of Marie Antoinette, it spends too much time on opulence and not enough on providing context for the French Revolution.

The Masters (USA, 4 p.m.): Tiger Woods aims to be the first player to win three straight Masters tournaments.

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