See! See! I was right!

Agreeance: Perhaps you heard Fred Durst of the rock band Limp Bizkit say it on camera at the recent Grammy Awards ceremonies, in expressing the hope that other artists shared his opposition to war with Iraq. But it's not a word, right? At least, that's the view of Atlanta's Journal and Constitution newspaper and other publications, one of which called Durst a "dunce." Turns out, though, that it is a word. In fact, it's in the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, which notes that "agreeance" still finds its way into occasional usage although it became obsolete back in the early 1700s.

Here, have a slice of bread

And this just in from the political correctness front: Hot cross buns are not to be served at schools across Britain this Easter season, per order of local authorities. Why? Because, although the practice is a tradition with ancient roots, the buns are a small symbol of Christianity that might make pupils of other faiths or their parents uncomfortable. Said a Church of England spokesman, sadly: "It's difficult to understand how anything [associated with] the celebration of Easter can create so much offense."

Notes on, and from, the refrigerator

What's the most essential appliance in your house? If you said the refrigerator, you're not alone. In a recent survey by, 64 percent of respondents said the fridge is the one appliance they wouldn't live without.

But beyond keeping food cold, what does the big white box do for people?

Not surprising, for many it's also a message center.

"A significant [number] of us, 34 percent, use the outside of our refrigerators to communicate important information to the rest of the family," explains Janel Dufek of Amana, which conducted its own nationwide survey. "And more than half of those questioned regularly keep notes and calendars on the outside of the fridge simply to keep track of busy schedules."

But if refrigerators could send their owners a message, what would it be?

"Not surprisingly, 28 percent believed their refrigerator would ask to be cleaned out," says Dufek.

Nearly as many think their fridge would ask to be stocked with more or healthier food.

Only 5 percent said that their refrigerator would ask to be replaced with a newer model.

Minivans, 'Bugs,' and SUVs: top trend-setting vehicles

Which cars, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles have had the greatest impact on their industry over the past 50 years? That question stirred considerable debate among the auto experts consulted by Consumer Reports in compiling a list for its 50th anniversary automotive issue. From "muscle" cars to practical mom-mobiles, the top 10 trend-setting models (in alphabetical order):

BMW 2002
Chevrolet Corvette
Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager
Ford F-Series pickup
Ford Mustang
Ford Taurus
Jeep Cherokee
Toyota RAV4
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Rabbit/GTI - Associated Press

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