Want some grapes with that shake?

Hold the fatty fries! Big Mac's will be offered with fresh fruit in Britain, a first for a chain rooted in burgers and shakes, McDonald's reported.

Beginning in April, a bag of apples and grapes will be offered along with the traditional fare of Big Macs, French fries and Chicken McNuggets.

The 93 cents bag can be ordered separately or as a substitute for the fries sold in children's "Happy Meals."

"Tastes are always changing and these changes to McDonald's menu aim to provide our customers with even more choice," said Mike Scott, head of national marketing for McDonald's.

The introduction of fruit to the menu comes after McDonald's posted its first loss in January and after a U.S. court threw out a lawsuit alleging McDonald's food made children obese.

A real slush fund

A fund started by a Carleton College alum with a sense of humor helps clean up snow at his old campus.

When he learned he was dying of cancer, David K. Hildebrand decided to create a "slush fund" for his alma mater, located in Northfield, Minn. It helps cover the costs of cleaning up snow and slush at the Northfield college.

"I think it's amazing," said Deb Chaulk, Carleton's director of stewardship. "This guy left something and it's funny, but it's also so sweet."

Chaulk said the idea behind the slush fund was, "Wouldn't it be funny if we had a slush fund that actually was involved with slush?"

The fund - a little more than $10,000 - only accounts for a small portion of the campus' snow removal costs, which are about $78,000 a year. But the $500 a year in interest buys salt, sand and some brushes for machines that scrub snow from sidewalks.

This town really talks turkey

Rocklake, N.D., is a town besieged by turkeys.

The birds were raised on a Rocklake farm but left to fend for themselves when the family left, said Towner County Deputy Jerry Martin. In the summer, the birds hang out in the wild, but winter finds them in the town of about 150 people, where they eat at bird feeders and look for scraps from residents.

Martin said he had to rescue a woman who was trapped in her car after a group of turkeys stopped her from getting out.

"I had to chase them away with a broom," Martin said.

Officials said wild turkeys also have created problems in the towns of Minot and Wahpeton, and eventually will be trapped and moved to the wild.

"The trouble comes when someone who likes seeing them starts putting out food for them," said Greg Link, an assistant Game and Fish Department wildlife chief. "Any wildlife that hangs around people isn't a good situation."

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