Secretary of State Powell appeared to make little headway with China's leaders during meetings in Beijing on Iraq and North Korea. While Powell described them as "anxious" to help resolve the dispute over Pyongyang's resumed nuclear program, Chinese media quoted Vice President Hu Jintao as calling for bilateral US-North Korea talks, an idea Washington opposes. Powell later traveled to South Korea.

Governors from around the US were seeking more federal money for Medicaid, homeland security, education, and other programs at a meeting with President Bush. The talks occurred as the National Governors Association wrapped up a four-day gathering in Washington marked by sharp partisan differences on key issues.

The number of deaths rose to 97 from Thursday's nightclub fire in West Warwick, R.I., the nation's deadliest such tragedy. Two memorial services for victims were being held Monday as 200 fire inspectors conducted emergency checks on other clubs in the state. Gov. Don Carcieri (R) also declared a moratorium on pyrotechnic displays like that used by heavy-metal band Great White. One of the victims was a guitarist in the band.

Gasoline prices are near record levels, with premium grades approaching $2 per gallon in some cities, according to industry analyst Trilby Lundberg. Her Lundberg Survey of 8,000 stations nationwide found the average price for a gallon of regular was $1.67, up seven cents from two weeks ago. But Lundberg added that the pace of increases is slowing, with market indicators suggesting prices may soon head back down.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal by the Justice Department, on how long law officers must wait for suspects to let them in during raids. A lower court in San Francisco ruled that the 20 seconds officers waited before knocking down a drug suspect's door was insufficient. The high court also rejected challenges to a 1995 Indiana law that requires women to undergo 18 hours of counseling before having an abortion, and a New Jersey judge's order barring reporters from talking to jurors who deadlocked on a high-profile murder trial.

Newcomer Norah Jones cleaned up at the Grammy Awards, sweeping all eight categories in which she was nominated. Below, she juggles five of her trophies, including best album for "Come Away With Me." Bruce Springsteen and the band Dixie Chicks each took three awards at Sunday night's ceremony in New York.

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