Tiger's great, but 'MJ' again ranks as No. 1 sports star

Basketball great Michael Jordan (or "MJ," to broadcasters and headline-writers), who has announced plans to retire - for a third time - from professional play at the end of this season, once again ranks as the US's best-loved sports star, according to pollster Harris Interactive. It's a spot Jordan has held for the past decade. In a rarity, two women, but no baseball players, made the 2003 list. Harris's nationwide online survey of 2,201 adults was conducted between Jan. 21 and Jan. 27. The best-loved professional athletes, according to the results, and the sport each plays:

1. Michael Jordan, basketball
2. Tiger Woods, golf
3. Brett Favre, football
4. Jerry Rice, football
5. Shaquille O'Neal, basketball
6. Emmitt Smith, football
7. Kobe Bryant, basketball
8. Michelle Kwan, figure skating
9. Serena Williams, tennis
(tie) Andre Agassi, tennis
(tie) John Elway, football (retired)
(tie) Terry Bradshaw, football (retired)
- PR Newswire

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