Sports lingo to kick around

Sports have a language all their own. Where else would you hear the term 'beat parry' (a quick tap of the blade), but in fencing? See if you can identify the sport in which the terms below are used. (Give yourself extra credit if you know what they mean.)

1. flutter kick

2. ice the puck

3. love game

4. roll a strike

5. swing a shoe

6. double dribble

7. carve a turn

8. miss a wicket

9. post a K

10. form a scrum

11. play the boards

12. head the ball

13. bogey a hole

14. a crosse

15. get sacked

16. dig a ball

17. a bully

18. shoot an alley-oop

19. dink a shot

20. attend a bonspiel


(1) swimming; (2) ice hockey (to shoot the puck from behind the center line beyond the opponent's goal line); (3) tennis (a game in which an opponent scores no points); (4) bowling (to knock down all the pins on the first bowl); (5) horseshoes; (6) basketball (to bounce the ball, stop, then start bouncing the ball again); (7) skiing or snowboarding; (8) croquet; (9) baseball (K is the scorecard notation for a strikeout); (10) rugby; (11) ice hockey or squash; (12) soccer (to hit the ball with your head); (13) golf (to score one over par); (14) lacrosse (the playing stick); (15) football (to tackle the quarterback); (16) volleyball (passing a "spiked" - forcefully hit - ball); (17) field hockey (a neutral restart to play); (18) basketball (to jump high in the air and release the ball toward the basket as you return to the ground); (19) volleyball (a soft hit into the opponent's court); (20) a curling tournament (the word is probably Dutch for "league game").

SOURCES: 'Encyclopedia of Games,' by John Scarne; 'The Oxford Companion to Sports,' by J. Arlott; 'Sports Lingo,' by Harvey Frommer.

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