Crikey! you fingerprint him

An intruder found hiding in the bushes at a nursing home in Derby, Western Australia, was tackled, had his mouth taped, and was tossed in a jail cell by authorities. But despite chasing an officer who tried to offer him water, the offender was released the next day and even given a ride home. No, it wasn't because his defense attorney threatened to sue. In this case, the intruder was a five-foot crocodile. Police surmise that the toothy reptile probably was looking for a cool retreat on a day when temperatures topped 111 degrees F.

ever heard of stove-top?

Speaking of animals and the law, chickens helped London police make a drug bust. A gunman holding a man hostage was allowed to order food from a friend. However, upon inspection by police, the chicken dinner was found to be stuffed with marijuana. The following day, the friend returned with more drug-filled chicken and was arrested. "We were delighted to see him again," a police source said.

In Oscars preview, critics give 'The Pianist' top honors

The Holocaust drama "The Pianist" won best picture, director, actor, and screenplay when The National Society of Film Critics announced its annual awards Saturday in New York. The group is comprised of writers for major US newspapers and magazines, and its picks are regarded as a precursor to nominations for the movie industry's top honors: the Academy Awards in March. A list of the winners in selected categories:

Best picture: "The Pianist"
Director: Roman Polanski, "The Pianist"
Actor: Adrien Brody, "The Pianist"
Actress: Diane Lane, "Unfaithful"
Supporting actor: Christopher Walken, "Catch Me If You Can"
Supporting actress: Patricia Clarkson, "Far From Heaven"
Screenplay: Ronald Harwood, "The Pianist"
Foreign language film: "Y Tu Mama Tambien"
- Reuters

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