Act now, before it's too late

To hear sellers tell it, unsold merchandise piled up all across the US this holiday buying season. It consisted of items large and small, but none quite so sizable as Playas, N.M. Playas, N.M.? Well, yes, the whole place - 1,800 acres, 259 houses (some with swimming pools), a community center, a rodeo arena, and other amenities - was priced in time for Christmas at $3.2 million. Once a company town for workers at a copper smelter, it's now deserted. Said Nick Balich, an agent for the realtor offering the property: "You could do a lot of things with this place." But one of them won't be picking it up at a deep discount such as retailers are offering. While there have been no takers yet, he said, there have been inquiries, so the asking price hasn't dropped.

Quote of the Day

'I accept your choice.'

- Ruling-party candidate Uhuru Kenyatta, conceding defeat in Kenya's presidential election. His KANU Party, which has controlled the country since independence in 1963, is blamed by many Kenyans for a steep economic decline.

Another win for Bush: He's Yahoo! person of the year

By a wide margin, President Bush led all other vote-getters in the first of what's intended to be an annual person-of-the-year ballot conducted by Yahoo!, the world's most-trafficked online portal. Registered users were asked to choose who had "the biggest impact on their year." The candidates came from a database of most searched-for people, most often-viewed photographs, and other criteria. The top 10 finishers and the percentage of the vote each received:

1. President Bush 36.2%
2. Rapper Eminem 12.2%
3. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan 9.6%
4. MTV stars The Osbourne Family 9.3%
5. Secretary of State Powell 8.9%
6. Singer Britney Spears 6.4%
7. Radio "shock jock" Howard Stern 6.2%
8. "Harry Potter" series author J.K. Rowling 5.6%
9. Pro tennis star Serena Williams 3.2%
10. Baseball All-Star Barry Bonds 2.4%
- Business Wire

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