A hair-raising plot

Prince Harry has been warned of a plot to steal some of his hair in a bid to obtain a sample of his DNA, a Sunday newspaper reported.

Britain's Sunday Times said police had been alerted after the private secretary of Prince Charles received a letter from a former police officer's lawyer detailing the plans.

Scientists can carry out DNA tests on minute samples of hair, skin or saliva to establish a blood relationship between two individuals.

Harry is the younger of Diana and Charles's two sons.

Sign causes ruckus

Some workers at the state transportation department in Kansas City need to check their spelling.

Three signs alerting drivers to the exit for Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard on a stretch of U.S. 71 give the former mayor's name as "Clever."

Tom Evans, district traffic engineer for the state transportation department, said calls began pouring in earlier this week, almost immediately after the signs went up.

"Everybody's noticed it except for the people who put the sign up," he said.

Evans said officials tracked the error to a requisition form sent by the department to its sign shop in Jefferson City. All other correspondence referring to the sign included the correct spelling of the name, he said.

The signs, which cost about $13 a square foot, come in pieces. Crews put them together as they hang them.

"Apparently somebody didn't read them," Evans said.

But can you type?

Juniors at Traverse City (Mich.) Central High School need to do more than block, tackle, and catch passes if they hope to captain next year's football squad.

A coat and tie, a sparkling resume and good interview skills might help nail down the job.

Trojans head coach Kelly Clark said players must apply for the position, a process which includes submitting a resume. Then there's a 20-minute interview in front of a panel of as many as seven former and current coaches.

"The best part is it's a great life experience for these kids," Clark said. "When they apply for a job at Burger King, it's usually just them sitting down with a manager.

The questions covered issues both on and off the field, including: What would you do as captain if you knew one of your teammates was drinking at a weekend party? How would you react if a younger player took your starting position?

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be," candidate Josh Snyder said this week.

Quote of the day

'I couldn't be prouder to take this back to share with my teammates in L.A. This award is every bit theirs as it is mine.'

- Southern California quarterback Carson Palmer, accepting the Heisman Trophy as 2002's best college football player.

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