Wow, that was fast

Presumably, the bank robbery suspect who surrendered in London last week was nonplussed at how quickly police arrived at the scene. "Easily in about two minutes," a witness said. But that may have had something to do with the fact that the bank he targeted is around the corner from Scotland Yard headquarters.

Today's quote

'How would one know? It just arrived. It hasn't even been translated.'

- Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, asked by a reporter whether the Iraqi weapons declaration might be a "material breach" of the new UN resolution requiring Saddam Hussein's regime to disarm.

United Airlines joins ranks of US's largest bankruptcies

United Airlines' bankruptcy filing is the biggest in aviation history - and the latest in what has been a tumultuous year of corporate financial crises. The top 10 bankruptcies of the past two decades, when each was filed, and company assets (in billions), according to the online research site

1. WorldCom, 2002 $103.9
2. Enron, 2001 63.4
3. Texaco, 1987 35.9
4. Financial Corp. of America, 1988 33.9
5. Global Crossing, 2002 25.5
6. Adelphia Communications, 2002 24.4
7. UAL Corp. (United), 2002 22.8
8. Pacific Gas & Electric, 2001 21.5
9. MCorp, 1989 20.2
10. Kmart, 2002 17.0 - Reuters

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