Do you know carols?

How often have you sung a Christmas carol and been so carried away by the music that you didn't really listen to the words you were singing? Now, with no musical accompaniment, check to see how closely you paid attention. Can you answer these questions about these well-known holiday tunes?

1. What are Frosty the Snowman's eyes made out of?

2. Before Frosty melted, where did he go with his broomstick?

3. In "Winter Wonderland," who do we pretend the snowman to be?

4. What are the cattle doing in "Away in the Manger"?

5. What instrument do you strike before you join the chorus in "Deck the Halls"?

6. What repeats the sounding joy in "Joy to the World"?

7. In "I'll Be Home For Christmas," what three things must you have?

8. What is true of the tree's leaves in "O Christmas Tree"?

9. In "Silent Night," how do the shepherds react "at the sight"?

10. How do the angels greet the child in "What Child is This"?

11. In "The First Noel," where were the shepherds?

12. In "The Chipmunk Song," what two presents do the chipmunks want for Christmas?


(1) coal; (2) to the village; (3) Parson Brown; (4) lowing (saying 'moo'); (5) the harp; (6) fields, floods, rocks, hills, and plains; (7) snow, mistletoe, and "presents on the tree"; (8) the leaves are unchanging (green); (9) they quake; (10) with anthems sweet; (11) in the fields; (12) a plane that loops the loop and a Hula Hoop.

SOURCE: 'The Family Christmas Songbook.'

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