Monitor quiz: Close calls

How many homonyms (or near-homonyms) can you identify? Note: Reading aloud is allowed.

1. It's what you do
to a window or door;
the garments you wear,
royal or poor.
2. That nagging feeling
when something's lost;
a soft, spring rain,
what goes by, when tossed.
3. A house sits on
this 'rooty' site;
a merchant or dealer,
a buyer's delight.
4. To pen a line,
a wagonmaker;
a word with 'passage,'
not left, no faker.
5. A slice of pie
or 'of the action';
a truce, a Justice,
a loving reaction.
6. What oatmeal is,
a flake, or grain;
a tracking number,
a repeat, a refrain.
7. To let go by -
not charge a cent;
a handy signal,
the sea's ascent.
8. With 'off,' it's vacation,
with 'out,' it's a pause;
an herb for a chicken,
what a year really was.
Nancy M. Kendall
(1) close, clothes
(2) missed, mist
(3) cellar, seller
(4) write, wright, rite, right
(5) piece, peace
(6) cereal, serial
(7) waive, wave
(8) time, thyme.

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