G.W. stays out of the dog house

President George W. Bush answered more than 20 questions at a news conference on Thursday in Washington, but ducked the last one with a mischievous wink.

"What did you give your wife?" a reporter asked as the president was leaving the podium.

First lady Laura Bush celebrated her 56th birthday on Monday and the couple marked their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. The president has been playing coy all week about his choice of gifts.

"Not telling," he said when asked on Tuesday. "Let me just say that I remembered."

Bush's spokesman Ari Fleischer got into the act, too, telling reporters he could not reveal what the president gave his wife. "That's super-duper top secret information," he said.

But not everyone got the message. A super-duper top secret White House source said the president gave the first lady – an avid bird watcher and nature lover – a pair of high-tech binoculars for her birthday and silver earrings with diamonds and sapphires for their wedding anniversary.

The King would be proud

It sounds like a recipe only Elvis could love: a peanut butter sandwich with chocolate chips, crispy rice cereal, powdered sugar and dried cherries.

But the "Chip Chompin Cherry Nutter" won 7-year-old Emily McComas of Glendale, Calif., the grand prize in a "Got Milk?" recipe contest.

"This was a very creative and very good-tasting sandwich – it won hands down," said Jeff Manning, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board.

Emily and her family won a trip to New York City, where her sandwich was unveiled at Peanut Butter and Co., a Greenwich Village deli that specializes in peanut butter sandwiches.

Emily's recipe licked more than 100 other entries, including one by her brother. Among the contenders were "Rainbow in the Clouds," which included marshmallow fluff, bananas and M&Ms, and "Caribbean Nut Butter Sandwich," made with banana, shredded coconut and pineapple.

But Emily told the Daily News of Los Angeles that her creation wasn't her favorite way to eat peanut butter.

"My dad is the one that really likes the sandwich," she said. "Everyone is talking about my sandwich, and I'm kind of getting bored with it."

Brits say women can't park

Women drivers have greater problems with parking than men, according to an analysis of accident claims by a British insurance company.

The findings reported in the Times newspaper will do little to bring harmony in the perennial argument over which sex makes the best drivers.

A study of half a million claims at Admiral Insurance found that women were almost twice as likely as men to have a collision in a parking lot, 23 percent more likely to hit a stationary car, and 15 percent more likely to reverse into another vehicle.

But Britain's Automobile Association argued that the insurance findings were, rather, a reflection that women drivers tend to make more short journeys around towns and shopping centers, which involve frequent parking.

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