What to wear?

Each year, the Home Sewing Association, based in New York, comes out with a Top 10 list of Halloween costume ideas.

Top 10 Halloween themes for 2002

Blasts from the Past

Fun In Numbers

Add a Twist

Singing Sensations

Real Life, Real Heroes


Traditional Takes

Fabulous Fantasies



Top 10 Halloween costume ideas for 2001

Wizards a la Harry Potter


Rock stars (Britney or J. Lo)

Professional sports figures

A uniform of your own

Super heroes and action figures

Historical influences (Henry VIII, Cleopatra)

Vampy and Sultry (movie "Moulin Rouge")

Western wear


The Top 10 themes for Halloween 2000

Broadway shows

Film characters

Television stars

Exotic and ethnic


Wizards and sorcerers

Historical dress

Vintage dress

Classic fairy tale characters

'A little bit of Glam'

Predictions from 1999:

"Austin Powers" and mod '60s fashion

"Star Wars" characters



Tarzan and Jane

Batman and other superheroes

Wrestlers and mythical warriors

Racecar drivers and athletes

Witches, devils, angels, and princesses

Animals and insects for toddlers

Predictions from 1998:


Spice Girls


South Park characters



Beanie Babies

Titanic-era dresses

Toy soldiers / military men

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Source: Home Sewing Association (

Tips for a safe night of Halloween trick-or-treating

Keeping warm may be a prime concern for young trick-or-treaters and accompanying adults in sections of the US where the forecast is for a rainy night with temperatures near freezing. But for Halloween celebrants wherever they may be across the country, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued the following safety tips:

Send children out with flashlights, and affix reflective tape to their costumes to help drivers see them after dark

Don't dress children in oversize footwear or costumes that drag the ground

Ensure that costumes, masks, and wigs are made of flame-resistant materials

Masks, hats, etc., should allow adequate ventilation and should not obstruct vision

Wings, swords, knives, and similar costume accessories should be made of soft, flexible material

Keep candle-lit jack-o-lanterns away from curtains, other flammable decorations, and the paths of trick-or-treaters

Use only safety-tested lights; do not overload extension cords

A parent or other responsible adult should examine all treats before a child eats them

– Associated Press

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