Grieving Minnesotans hold a memorial service Tuesday for Sen. Paul Wellstone (D) and seven others killed in a plane crash Friday. The state's Democratic Farmer-Labor Party will pick a replacement candidate Wednesday. Former Vice President Walter Mondale appeared near- certain to get the nod after the party's chairman called him "the choice of the Wellstone family."

As expected, sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad was charged with murder, conspiracy, and other crimes in Spotsylvania County, Va., as a grand jury in another state considered still more charges. Prosecutors are vying over which jurisdiction should be the first to try Muhammad and his alleged accomplice, John Lee Malvo. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Osbourne, part-owner of the car in which the men were captured last week, reportedly is cooperating with investigators after being detained as a material witness.

If Saddam Hussein won't dispose of his weapons of mass destruction and the UN refuses to act, the US will lead a coalition against the Iraqi leader, President Bush warned again. His administration wants a UN vote on an anti-Iraq resolution by week's end. Bush spoke at a rally in Alamogordo, N.M., one of several stops to boost the prospects of GOP candidates in the Nov. 5 elections.

A high school senior suspected in a shooting spree that killed two people and wounded eight others in and near Sallisaw, Okla., was due in court Monday. A lawyer for Daniel Fears told The Daily Oklahoman newspaper he'd ask for a competency hearing for his client, who, he said, may have been taking medication without a prescription. Fears allegedly shot neighbors and passers-by Saturday after being chastised for driving recklessly.

Four detainees, one of them Pakistani, were returned to their countries from the US Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, over the weekend, defense officials said. The transfer marked the start of a release announced last week by the Defense Department. About 600 detainees from 43 nations have been held more than a year while being questioned about Al Qaeda and Afghanistan's former Taliban regime.

In their 42nd year, the Anaheim Angels won baseball's World Series for the first time, beating the San Francisco Giants 4-to-1 Sunday night in Game 7. A victory parade is set for Tuesday at Disneyland. The team is owned by the Walt Disney Co.

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