Saddam in a sleeveless sweater

The mustachioed visage of Saddam Hussein is omnipresent in the Iraqi capital. Busts preside over many public spaces. Portraits adorn most shops and offices.

Here is an informal list, compiled in Baghdad during the past 10 days, of the many faces of Mr. Hussein. In statues, murals, television footage, and posters he is depicted:

Standing with his right arm extended, palm open;

firing a rifle into the air with one hand;

waving at cheering crowds;

looking youthful, in black and white;

looking mature, in color;


smoking a cigar;

wearing Arab robes;

talking on the phone and taking notes;

sitting at a desk, writing on a notepad;

helping farmers in the fields;

drinking tea;

chairing a meeting;

shouldering a container of cement;

wearing a homburg;

receiving a kiss from an underling;

patting a woman on the head;

wearing a loden-colored Swiss hat;

holding a sheathed sword and the scales of justice;

standing in the prow of a boat;

wearing a beret, with a hand over his heart;

wearing a dress shirt and sleeveless sweater;

wearing an overcoat and a hat;


not smiling;

wearing aviator sunglasses;

wearing a sash;

holding a shield;

wearing a winter cap;

riding a horse;

and watching a children's performance.

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