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WHAT: The American Museum of Natural History website that teaches children about scientific inquiry.

BEST POINTS: Named Ology, meaning "the study of," the colorful site offers kids the chance to learn about fields ranging from astronomy to biodiversity and paleontology. There are interactive cartoons, quizzes, games, and suggested activities such as building a bird feeder or conducting a make-believe dig for fossils.

The "Meet the Ologists" section introduces scientists and other young people who share similar interests. Eleanor Sterling, director of the museum's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, explains why she became a scientist and how she researches mysterious Madagascar primates.

Visitors to the site collect "ology cards," the website's version of baseball cards. Each contains pictures and facts about museum specimens and discoveries such as planets and dinosaurs.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Kids can register for their own home page without supplying any personal information.

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