Anatoly Gorbunov was minding his own business as he walked into a restaurant at a resort favored by Russian bureaucrats, when he heard a plate crash to the floor. Then another, as he realized the other diners were all staring at him. So, is he a movie star? An Olympic sports hero? No, but he is a look-alike for President Vladimir Putin (l.). Same receding hairline and furrowed brow. Same high cheekbones, piercing stare, and slightly flared nose. But they're not related; in fact, they've never met. Gorbunov (below), is in demand to "do" Putin for friends at parties and has mastered his facial expressions and speech patterns. A TV executive in southern Russia, he is no stranger to cameras, which is just as well since he's also regularly besieged with requests to take his picture. "What can I do?" he shrugs. "It's nature's joke."

British royals top People's all-time best-dressed list

In its annual "Best and Worst Dressed" issue, currently on newsstands, People magazine rates Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Halle Berry tops among the glamour set, while relegating Pamela Anderson and beau Kid Rock to fashion oblivion. The magazine also tallied which celebrities have appeared most often on its lists. The "worst of the worst": Madonna, who has had seven such mentions over the years. People's "best dressed" hall of fame (those with three or more mentions dating back to 1980):

1. Princess Diana (deceased) (9)
2. Prince William (7)
3. Julia Roberts, actress (4)
(tie) Gwyneth Paltrow, actress
(tie) George Clooney, actor
4. Oprah Winfrey, talk show host/publisher/actress (3)
(tie) Demi Moore, actress
(tie) Brandy, singer/actress

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