What's in a name?

Does your first name have another meaning? As in Norm and 'average'? Frank and 'earnest'? Or Ernest and frank? See how many words and first names you can identify. (Spellings may vary.)

1. a wind between 32 and 63 miles per hour (begins with the letter G)

2. that which springs eternal (H)

3. a way to make celery white (B)

4. a knitting stitch (P)

5. a nonstop run around the bases (H)

6. a meal that you simmer (S)

7. to challenge legally, or a native American tribe (S)

8. a roof overhang (E)

9. a secluded valley (G)

10. denim (J or G)

11. to dwindle, as the moon does every month (W)

12. a prayer offered before a meal (G)

13. the early light (D)

14. deeded property (G)

15. a knight's spear (L)

16. an invoice (B)

17. a 'Welcome' at a door (M)

18. a popular 1980s family vehicle (V)


(1) gale, Gail; (2) Hope; (3) blanch, Blanche; (4) purl, Pearl; (5) Homer; (6) stew, Stu; (7) Sioux, Sue; (8) eave, Eve; (9) Glen; (10) jean, Jean, Gene; (11) wane, Wayne; (12) Grace; (13) Dawn; (14) Grant; (15) Lance; (16) Bill; (17) mat, Matt; (18) Van.

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