A Visual Conversation

A series of photographers "answer" an image with one of their own.

This project was inspired by a game invented by surrealist artists in the 1920s. In the game, dubbed "Exquisite Corpses," several artists collaborated to draw a figure – without seeing what their fellow artists had contributed.

One would draw part of a figure on a piece of paper, fold it to conceal his work, and pass it along. A second artist would continue the figure, fold the paper again, and pass it on. At the end, the paper would be unfolded to reveal the figure.

Our photographic "conversation" begins with an image by staffer Melanie Stetson Freeman. We sent it to a second photographer and asked for a photo to complement it.

We took the second image and sent it to a third photographer, and so on. The chain of images and the connections among them will create our own (forgive the expression) "exquisite corpse."

We hope you'll consider submitting your own photographic "reply." (See directions at the end of the slideshow). Continue to photos.

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