They're big and make tons of money: non-US corporations

London-based BP PLC, the world's second-largest integrated oil and gas conglomerate, tops the 2002 list of the 500 largest corporations whose headquarters are outside the US, as compiled annually by Fortune magazine. Five Japanese companies also were highly ranked, despite their nation's persistent economic troubles. In all, the foreign 500 reported $8.8 trillion in sales last year, compared with $7.1 trillion by their corporate competitors from the US. Forbes magazine's top 10 non-American companies, their home countries, and their reported revenues for the 2001 fiscal year (in billions):

1. BP, Britain $174
2. DaimlerChrysler, Germany 137
3. Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Netherlands 135
(tie) Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Britain
4. Toyota, Japan 120
5. Mitsubishi, Japan 106
6. Mitsui & Co., Japan 101
7. Total Fina Elf, France 94
8. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Japan 93
9. Itochu, Japan 91

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