Well, what have we here?

With great trepidation, the team of Cambodians who were clearing land mines near the border with Thailand last month approached what appeared to be two unexploded artillery shells in an area that had been a fortress of the former Khmer Rouge communist guerrilla movement. Gingerly – very gingerly – the workers excavated around them, lifted them to the surface, and realized they'd uncovered ... pagoda bells, estimated by archaeologists to be 2,200 years old.

Other than that, he's great

So, what kind of man is your husband? the new biographer of Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to know. Lyudmilla Putin's answer: a first-rate male chauvinist. In "Vladimir Putin: The Road to Power," she says her mate "never praises me" and was rarely less than an hour and a half late when they were dating. But he's an ideal father to their two daughters, she said.

Dot.commers top list of the US's young and wealthy

Although some of them saw their net worth shrink over the past year, computer-industry executives still dominate Fortune magazine's latest ranking of "America's 40 richest under 40." An unprecedented number of celebrities also made the list, among them pro basketball legend Michael Jordan (No. 13) and actors Tom Cruise (No. 19) and Julia Roberts (No. 26). Fortune's top 10 rich young Americans, where they work, and what they're worth (in billions unless otherwise noted):

1. Michael Dell, Dell Computer $16.3
2. Pierre Omidyar, eBay 4.3
3. Jeff Skoll, eBay 2.6
4. Ted Waitt, Gateway 1.9
5. Jeff Bezos, 1.2
6. Vinny Smith, Quest Software 780 million
7. David Filo, Yahoo! 730 million
8. Jerry Yang, Yahoo! 721 million
9. Rob Glaser, RealNetworks 635 million
10. Daniel Snyder, owner, Washington Redskins 604 million
– Business Wire

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