What would you pay for a musical instrument that's still charred from a fire 35 years ago? An auction house in London expects to sell just such a guitar next month for as much as $610,000. Why? Because it belonged to rock legends Jimi Hendrix (who torched it on purpose during a concert) and, later, Frank Zappa.

Best colleges for a quality education on a budget

Academic excellence, affordability, and community involvement are among the biggest draws for students this year, according to Newsweek's annual college guide. The magazine lists the following "hot schools" for 2003:

Arizona State University
Boston College
University of California at Santa Barbara
Davidson College
George Washington University
Kenton College
Macalester College
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
McGill University (Montreal)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pepperdine University
University of Washington

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