Wherefore art thou, Turok?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet," Shakespeare's Juliet famously says of her Romeo. But what if he changed his name to, say, Turok? In fact, a London marketing agency is looking for five people to do just that. To promote the latest Turok videogame, participants must legally take the dinosaur- battling hero's name for one year. In return, they get an XBox console, a supply of games, and £500 ($785). You too can apply online at: by Sept. 2.


This summer has been trying for some Omaha, Neb., residents. There's the heat. And the humidity. And that blasted construction at 90th and Dodge streets. So American National Bank decided its customers deserved a reward for putting up with it all. It's salting its automated teller machine with occasional $50 bills in the $20 stack – and $20s in the $10 stack. By the way, ATM use has almost doubled since the promotion began.

English-speaking countries appeal most to US travelers

For the sixth year in a row, Australia ranked No. 1 in a survey to determine which countries Americans would most like to visit for pleasure, assuming cost was not an object. In fact, four of the top five and six of the top 10 finishers are English-speaking nations. And perhaps owing to concern about terrorism, Israel, No. 11 last year, dropped off the 2002 list. The survey was conducted July 18-22 by market-research specialist Harris Interactive. The top 10 countries, (with last year's rank, if applicable, in parentheses):

1. Australia (1)
2. Britain (3)
3. Italy (2)
4. Canada (9)
5. Ireland (6)
6. France (4)
7. Germany (5)
8. Switzerland (8)
9. Jamaica (7)
(tie) Barbados

– PRNewswire

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