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• A WORD ABOUT ABSTINENCE: Reporter Nicole Itano figured that she'd swing by a school in Zambia to do her interviews with teenagers about abstinence and AIDS (page 7). But on Sunday, she got some of her best material from an impromptu interview. "I went to the Lusaka zoo, which is kind of a botanical garden. I was there to relax. But some teens came up to me and asked me where I was from. We started talking, and I steered the conversation toward the subject of my story," says Nicole.

"No one I spoke with in Zambia had heard of the US-funded HEART (Helping Each other Act Responsibly Together) campaign, at least by that name. But when I asked one young man at the zoo about premarital sex, he started using phrases from the song that's part of the HEART program. It's clear that the program's messages are now part of the average teen's dialogue about sex."

David Clark Scott
World editor

Follow-up on a Monitor Story

• FEMALE PRIME MINISTER REJECTED: South Korean lawmakers Wednesday voted down the appointment of Chang Sang, who would have been the first woman to serve as prime minister. The vote was 142 against, 100 in favor. She immediately tendered her resignation, after serving three weeks as acting prime minister. As noted in the July 31 issue, Chang's appointment was seen by some as a breakthrough for women's rights in a male-dominated society.


• CARDINAL OMISSION: In the July 29 issue, the article "The men who might be pope" (page 6) listed the names of possible papal successors but omitted the title before the names on second reference. No disrespect was intended. We regret the mistake.

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