Rose steals the show

You never knows what's in store on a photo assignment. Before I arrive, I'm often preoccupied with thinking about light and backgrounds, or how photogenic and cooperative my subject might be. But such concerns may vanish completely when I arrive on the scene to find something far more interesting – and totally unrelated to my assignment.

Such was the case with Rose.

Los Angeles-based artist and art collector Joel Gilman was my subject that day. Rose is his dog. She seems like an ordinary dog. She's very friendly and attentive to visitors – until the television is turned on.

I realize that many pets "watch" TV. My sister had a cat that would sit in front of the tube for a few moments before she would yawn and wander off.

But Rose is absorbed. Tail wagging, eyes and ears pointed at the screen, she watches "Oprah," old movies, cop shows. Her paws-down favorite? "Animal Planet." She became lost in a world of feathers, fur, and scales. She swiveled her head to follow the action. She gave small whines during the dramatic parts. I had to take her picture. (I took Mr. Gilman's, too.)

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