Monitor Breakfast

Selected quotations from a Monitor breakfast with Al From, director of the Democratic Leadership Council.

Al From is director of the Democratic Leadership Council.

On the political impact of the stock market crisis:

"In our polling, we're finding that people are more concerned ... with stock prices going down than with losing their job. That is a new phenomenon in American politics... and I think it's going to have a profound effect."

On the Bush tax cut:

"The early part of the tax cut ... probably turned out to be fairly timely in a slowing economy. The expensive, out-year parts of the tax cut are what we think need to be reviewed and, if not frozen, delayed.... The key on a tough stance on taxes is to make it clear that it is an essential element of growing the economy."

On Bush's economic leadership:

"We have to restore investor and consumer confidence. That is an issue of leadership, and so far, for whatever reason, this president has had a hard time doing it."

On prospects for a prescription drug bill:

"Prescription drugs is an issue where Democrats think they have an advantage and Republicans want to cut that advantage, and so we're probably going to have a lot of political bickering. In the end, what we really need to do is reform Medicare."

On the DLC's ties to the business community:

"I'm sure that we're perceived as the business Democrats by some people. But frankly, I don't see anything wrong with that.... We believe that you've got to have a growing private economy if you want to be a party of opportunity."

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