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A Walk in Your Shoes: Rap/Country Music Episode (Nickelodeon, 5:30-6 p.m.): This fascinating documentary series is meant to help young folks see the world from different perspectives. Two teens – an African-American rapper and a white country singer – switch worlds. Things get interesting when each 16 year old tries to sing the other's music – and learns how challenging the differences can be.

Robin Williams: Live on Broadway (HBO, 9-11 p.m.): Sid Caesar recently named Williams as one of the great comedians working today. There's a manic sweetness about his comedy that seems at such odds with the meanness so rife in stand-up today. Expect adult subjects and strong language.

Door to Door (TNT, 8-10 p.m.): William H. Macy ("Fargo" and "Magnolia") stars as Bill Porter, a salesman with cerebral palsy. He is deemed unemployable, but his discipline and dedication triumphed over even the objections of smaller minds in higher places. As he trudges his 10 miles a day selling door-to-door in Portland, Ore., he makes friends and influences lives for good – a kind of angel in disguise among his neighbors (he still sells by phone and over the Internet). Macy is amazing – he gets the difficult physical movements right and still lets Porter's soul shine through. The film is also graced by Kyra Sedgwick as his assistant and Helen Mirren as his tough and true mother.Mo

Monday 7/15

Donahue (MSNBC, 8-9 p.m.): The ever-liberal Phil Donahue is looking for an argument. He begins hosting nightly news discussions just to give "The O'Reilly Factor" competition. Interviews and call-ins will spark a range of opinions.

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