When fans jam 42,500-seat Miller Park in Milwaukee for tonight's Major League Baseball All-Star Game, they'll find the place kind of cheesy. Oh, not because it's decrepit or an architectural mishmash. It's one of the sport's proudest new venues. Rather, it is because on display will be busts of Fox Sports TV hosts John Kruk, a former all-star, and Tom Arnold ... sculpted from 150 pounds of Wisconsin cheddar. They were commissioned for the occasion by their employer as a special promotion. The cheese, which took two days to shape, arrived on site last Friday, and temperatures in the city have been in the high 80s F. Still, no matter how ripe it may smell by game time, what's done is done. "You only get one shot at this," carver Troy Landwehr said.


A website devoted to new and used cars in Britain polled 250 dealers to find out the worst examples of how people have abused vehicles they wish to trade in. Exhibit A: an owner who thawed his frozen door locks with a blowtorch. Exhibit B: a woman who posted photos of a star entertainer on her chariot with superglue.

The vehicles that Americans tell pollsters they like best

Chevrolet and Ford models took best sports car and pickup truck, respectively, in an online poll on Americans' favorite vehicles by consumer-oriented AutoWeek magazine. The survey, which was conducted May 16-June 5, attracted more than 7,000 respondents. The best cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2002, according to AutoWeek: Sports car: Chevrolet Corvette

Luxury car: Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Sports sedan: BMW M5

Sedan: BMW 3-Series

Sports Coupe: BMW M Coupe

Economy car: Honda Civic

Pickup truck: Ford SVT F-150 Lightning

People mover (minivans etc.): Honda Odyssey

Exotic sports car: Ferrari 575M

Off-road vehicle: Range Rover

– Associated Press

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