In 1975, when she was a tennis prodigy, Martina Navratilova defected from "unjust" communist-ruled Czechoslovakia to advance her career in the US. Over the next 25 years, she won a record 167 singles titles, earning $20.3 million in the process, plus a place in the sport's hall of fame. But that was then; now she appears to be having second thoughts about her choice. In an essay in the current German weekly Die Zeit, she blasts her adopted country as a "depressing" place where "decisions are based solely on the question of 'how much money will come out of it.'" But "the most absurd part" was exchanging "one system that suppresses free opinion for another."


Smiley faces – the real kind, that is – elicit a less positive reaction in shy folks than in extroverts, a new study has found. Researchers from Stanford University and the State University of New York say their work shows "for the first time," the same facial expression can be processed differently, according to people's personalities. But they're not yet certain whether "it feels better."

Howard Stern holds on as talk-show king, survey finds

Do you enjoy listening to talk radio? If so, does controversial host Howard Stern appeal to you? Perhaps not. But according to the second annual list of most popular syndicated on-air personalities by Internet search engine Lycos, he again ranks as No. 1, based on requests for information between Jan. 1 and June 1. Stern generated three times as much search activity as any other radio host and more than the next three combined. Lycos's top 10:

1. Howard Stern

2. Opie and Anthony

3. Art Bell

4. Rush Limbaugh

5. Tom Joyner

6. Jim Rome

7. Dr. Laura Schlessinger

8. Paul Harvey

9. Neil Boortz

10. Don and Mike

– Business Wire

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