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Slide that sticky dough ...

You've kneaded your dough and lovingly shaped it into a loaf or flat crust. Now to get your culinary creation off the counter or breadboard and into a baking pan – without letting it flop over onto itself like an omelet.

The Kitchen Conveyor may be the answer. The 14-by-14-inch wooden paddle is covered with a silicon-based paper that moves like a conveyor belt when the user slides the wooden bar to which the paper loop is anchored.

"Many people like it because it appears to work ... like pulling a tablecloth from under the dishes," says Gary Casper, who invented the device with his teenage daughter, Jennifer. Cost: $34.95.

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...and bake it brick-oven style ...

Plenty of American restaurant-goers line up for the distinctive flavor of breads, pizzas, and meats cooked in brick ovens. A new oven insert called HearthKit promises a home-based alternative.

The ceramic device comes in three sizes, ranging from 17 to 20-1/2 inches, one of which should fit any conventional household gas or electric oven.

The insert, said to take just a few minutes to assemble and install, requires some extra preheating (about 20 minutes).

It then radiates an even heat that continues to emanate long after the oven is turned off. Cost: About $200.

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... or just grab a loaf that kids will love

Time-pressed parent of a finicky eater? This product may be more your speed.

Acting on "an independent study" indicating that some 40 percent of young children are averse to eating crust on their sandwiches, Sara Lee recently unwrapped its IronKids Crustless Bread, a high-fiber white bread.

Double-wrapped to compensate for the freshness-preserving quality of the missing crust, the bread is an extension of the baked-goods giant's 12-year-old IronKids line.

It's currently being test marketed throughout the South, and is expected to go national this month.

Cost (for a 16-ounce loaf): $2.59 to $3.19.

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