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• TANDOORI AND 10-FOOT POLES: The Monitor's Scott Baldauf bumped into Time magazine correspondent Alex Perry at a party Saturday night held by a Western diplomat in Delhi. Mr. Perry is in trouble with Indian authorities for an article about the prime minister's health (page 7). But Scott says that Perry seemed more eager to talk about the World Cup matches, and the troubles in Afghanistan, than about his legal troubles with the Foreigners Registration Office in New Delhi.

Scott found that other diplomats at the party were loath to discuss the matter as well, although some agreed that it was an "overreaction" by the Indian government. " 'It makes them look ridiculous,' " one diplomat told me. He then requested – no, demanded – anonymity," says Scott. One diplomat, when asked for his opinion, off the record, smiled and said, "I'm not touching that one." Just then, the doorbell rang, announcing more guests. "Excuse me," he said, dashing off. Scott had to be satisfied with another helping of tandoori chicken.

• READY TO STRIKE BACK: Reporter Charles Hawley was talking with a group of six striking construction workers at a construction site in Munich, Germany, while working on today's story (this page). "They were all talking at the same time, making it clear to me that they were angry with their employers."

"One word, spoken over a cellphone by union secretary Michael Schell, who was also serving as my guide, changed their whole demeanor. The word was 'strike breakers,' and the strikers at gate 9 needed backup. "We piled into Schell's station wagon and sped off to the other side of the construction site, union members readying for a confrontation. It turns out, a truck driver had been trying to make a delivery, but gave up and left when he saw nobody there to unload his truck. The union members seemed a bit disappointed. I was somewhat relieved."

David Clark Scott
World editor

Cultural snapshot

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