A new survey has found that, "even if it's not what people want," only 1 Brazilian in 4 expects his or her spouse to remain faithful throughout their marriage. However, only 3 percent of men responding to "Honesty in Marriage" admitted to breaking his wedding vows. The survey was conducted by the University of São Paulo.

What corporate security pros say worries them most

Despite the post-Sept. 11 concerns about terrorism, it's dealing with workplace violence that remains the top priority for a fourth straight year in an annual survey of corporate security professionals at Fortune 1000 companies. The top 10 concerns from the survey by Westlake, Calif.-based security and investigative specialist Pinkerton's Inc.:

1. Workplace violence
2. Business interruption/ disaster recovery
3. Terrorism
4. Internet/Intranet security
5. Employee screening
6. Fraud/white-collar crime
7. Unethical business conduct
8. Employee theft
9. External theft/vandalism
10. Drugs and alcohol
– PR Newswire

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