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What: The website for Responsible Single Fathers contains message boards, articles, links, and other resources for single fathers.

Best Points: According to the 2000 Census, there are now 2 million single fathers in the US – up from 393,000 in 1970. This site caters to that group and is broad in its definitions. It has advice and resources for fathers who are divorced, widowed, or never married; and custodial or non-custodial as well as information for other relatives.

The message board is active, and the articles cover a wide range of topics, from the practical ("Tips for lower legal fees") to the emotional ("Is there life after divorce?"). Readers are encouraged to submit their own articles.

The links for further resources are fairly comprehensive; sites listed include resources for single moms, children, legal issues, financial help, and support groups, among others.

What you should know: This site is still being developed, and some elements seem to be in an early stage. The "state resources," for instance, are blank for most states, though useful in the few cases where information is provided.

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