Tensions rose still higher in South Asia after three bombs exploded almost simultaneously in a Hindu-dominated section of Ahmadabad, India, and unidentified gunmen critically wounded an editor in Kashmir whose newspaper is perceived as being pro-India. The bombs injured 36 people. Against that backdrop, Indian officials said their patience was running out in the confrontation with Pakistan over Kashmir, despite the latter's pledge of stepped-up efforts to stop Muslim militants from raids on Indian territory.

Three Israeli teen-agers playing basketball at a religious seminary were killed by a Palestinian gunman in the latest violence in the Middle East. The incident in the West Bank came amid reports that senior Israeli and Arab representatives may meet on ending the conflict "within two months" in Seville, Spain. (Related story, page 6.)

An official statement issued by the Libyan government contradicted reports that it had offered $2.7 billion in compensation to the families of people killed in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland. Earlier, on condition of anonymity, a Libyan official confirmed the report, calling the offer "a preliminary agreement. Libyan intelligence agent Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was convicted of the crime last year.

A test of her new freedom in military-ruled Myanmar (Burma) was announced by democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi, who said she will seek permission to publish an opposition newspaper. All communications there are controlled by the junta, which revoked her National League for Democracy's publishing license 12 years ago. The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize-winner (above) was released "unconditionally" from 19 months of house arrest May 6.

The successor to assassinated Dutch political leader Pim Fortuyn was assigned extra bodyguards and a bullet-proof car after he received a death threat. Mat Herben had appeared to soften Fortuyn's stand on immigration, proposing an amnesty for those already in the Netherlands illegally in exchange for tougher restrictions that would keep newcomers out. When his proposal drew thousands of protests, he withdrew it. Fortuyn was murdered May 6.

The cockpit voice and flight data recorders from the China Airlines jet that broke apart over the Taiwan Strait were located by search teams, but recovery of all the wreckage "will take a very long time," officials said. They said China and the US were asked to share satellite images of the crash area to help find pieces of the plane. China pledged to provide "whatever assistance [is] requested." The US had yet to respond.

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