Don Miller succeeded in showing that "there are lots of things wrong with the system." And because he did, he's in trouble with the law. His offense: helping to put Barnabas on the Lafayette, Calif., voter rolls. No, Barnabas isn't his son or even a grandson. In fact, he's a toy poodle, and Miller did the deed using mail-in forms to prove the "alarming laxity" of the registration procedures. Alas, the dog was caught via a jury summons, although he never actually tried to cast a ballot. Why? Because that would have been "a horrendous felony," Miller said. Instead, his master could be convicted of a misdemeanor and fined or sent to jail. But at least, he said: "I got the attention of the authorities."


Some folks have been thrilled just to get in to see to the new hit movie "Spider-Man." Then there's Luis Guardia. He went alone on opening night in Lima, Peru, but fell asleep after 15 minutes. He awoke only when the theater staff opened the doors the next morning, spotted him, and called police. Guardia wasn't charged with a crime and hopes to return and see what he missed, "but this time with other people."

'Clones' enjoyed a fast, but not record, box-office start

It fell shy of the record set earlier this month by "Spider-Man." But with gross revenues of $116.3 million in its first four days, "Attack of the Clones" is the second-fastest film to reach $100 million. The top 10 in box-office earnings (in millions) for May 17-19, according to industry tracker Exhibitor Relations:

1. "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones" $86.1
2. "Spider-Man" 46.0
3. "Unfaithful" 10.3
4. "About a Boy" 8.4
5. "The New Guy" 6.5
6. "Changing Lanes" 3.1
7. "The Scorpion King" 2.7
8. "The Rookie" 2.0
9. "Murder by Numbers" 1.7
10. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" 1.2
– Associated Press

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