Ever taken a taxi ride and realized with dismay as you arrive at your destination that you're not carrying enough cash to pay for the trip? No problem ... if you live in Singapore. Under a pilot project begun earlier this month, passengers there may use their cellphones to command an online TeleMoney server to transfer the necessary amount to the driver's company. The system requires preregistration, a personal identification number, and one for the driver. It's a two-month experiment that is expected to be made permanent once it passes muster.


Speaking of cellphones, Anders Igel's failure to pay a $250 bill resulted in cancellation of his service by Telia AB, Sweden's leading communications provider. Said a company spokeswoman: "If you don't pay on time, you get a reminder, and after that the subscription is cut off." So what, you ask? Well, in Igel's case, this was more than a little embarrassing. Telia is in the process of merging with its Finnish counterpart, Sonera – and guess who has been named chief executive officer of the combined company? Yup: Anders Igel.

Florida, California towns top the list of the US's toniest

For the fourth straight year, Jupiter Island, Fla. tops a list of the 250 richest towns in America by Worth magazine. California had the most entries: 82. The monthly, aimed at "the dynamic wealth market," based its rankings on 2000-01 sales of single-family homes. Worth's 10 wealthiest towns, and their median home prices (in millions):

1. Jupiter Island, Fla. $3.91

2. Atherton, Calif. 3.40

3. Montecito, Calif. 2.93

4. Aspen, Colo. 2.75

(tie) Los Altos Hills, Calif 2.75

6. Sea Island, Ga. 2.20

7. Hillsborough, Calif. 2.05

8. Belvedere, Calif. 2.03

9. Mountain Village, Colo. 2.01

10. Palm Beach, Fla. 2.00

– Business Wire

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