Among youth, service is gaining ground

Studies show that young people in the United States today are volunteering more than any other generation in American history. In his recent State of the Union message, President Bush called on every young person in America "to commit at least two years – 4,000 hours over the rest of your lifetime – to the service of your neighbors and your nation."

In his subsequent executive order authorizing the establishment of the USA Freedom Corps, the president further explained: "We want to be a nation that serves goals larger than self. We have been offered a unique opportunity, and we must not let this moment pass."

For 14 years, Youth Service America has initiated a Youth Service Day to highlight the contributions young people make to their communities. As the largest service event in the world, engaging more than 3 million young people, it draws together a consortium of local, regional and national youth groups, and their municipal partners.

This year, the annual Youth Service Day will actually span three days – April 26 to 28.The event is the first major campaign to answer the president's appeal.

As part of the days' events, young people will be designing and leading service projects in areas ranging from literacy to the environment, healthcare, hunger, and help for the elderly.

Source: Youth Service America

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