Fill in the blanks with 'body' text

In the spirit of today's much-needed conservation, The Home Forum has saved many words below in the belief that you know what they are.

William (not his real name) thought he had a (1)____________ for news. So he kept it to the grindstone and stuck it into other people's business. This caused a raised (2)____________ or two.

But he always smiled in the (3)____________ of adversity, even if he was in the (4)____________ of the storm. He wanted to get to the beating (5)____________ of the matter.

He wouldn't (6)____________under. He (7)____________d the line. He put his (8)____________ to the ground and his (9)____________ in the wind. He wasn't too lazy to do a journalist's (10)____________-work. He put his (11)____________ to the wheel with lots of (12)____________ grease.

He (13)____________ d over endless tomes. He kept his (14)____________up, maintaining a stiff upper (15)____________. He might say a (16)____________ful but never weave a (17)____________ of lies. He would not (18)____________ the idea of failure.

Occasionally he would take a load off his (19)___________ and (20)____________ the bill for lunch with friends. He was no (21)____________flint. He took them to a nice (22)____________. If there were no tables, they'd (23)____________ up to the counter.

Speaking in a lighter (24)____________, he would (25)____________ his buddies, whether their views were (26)____________-jerk liberal or stiff-(27)____________ed conservative. Or he might do a magic trick by (28)____________ing a card or a quarter. They thought he was not square but (29)____________.

Once in a while he'd put the (30)____________ on them to (31)____________ over and lend a (32)____________ with his work or (33)____________-storm an idea in a (34)____________ session.

If someone had a (35)____________ to pick, he'd turn the other (36)____________. He wouldn't bad-(37)____________ people. He wasn't a (38)____________ biter. He didn't bother to split (39)____________s. But when the (40)____________ was in the fire, he wouldn't let anyone (41)____________ in on his territory.

One morning he pounded his (42)____________ a tiny bit too long and missed his first deadline by a (43)____________, an (44)____________, or possibly a (45)____________'s breadth. He had no (46)____________for any more (47)____________-tingling or (48)____________-raising adventures like that to set his (49)____________ on edge.

Somehow, he had to wrest victory from the (50)____________ of defeat. Otherwise he feared more than a slap on the (51)____________. What he needed was a story idea. Advisers always said "write about what you know." He started to (52)____________ through his notebooks.

But then it came to him off the top of his (53)____________, a subject very close to him: Anatomy!

The Missing Words:

(1) nose; (2) eyebrow; (3) face; (4) eye; (5) heart; (6) knuckle; (7) toe; (8) ear; (9) finger; (10) leg; (11) shoulder; (12) elbow; (13) pore; (14) chin; (15) lip; (16) mouth; (17) tissue; (18) countenance; (19) feet; (20) foot; (21) skin; (22) joint; (23) belly; (24) vein; (25) rib; (26) knee; (27) neck; (28) palm; (29) hip; (30) arm; (31) ankle; (32) hand; (33) brain; (34) skull; (35) bone; (36) cheek; (37) mouth; (38) back; (39) hair; (40) fat; (41) muscle; (42) ear; (43) whisker; (44) eyelash; (45) hair; (46) stomach; (47) spine; (48) hair; (49) teeth; (50) jaws; (51) wrist; (52) thumb; (53) head.

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