Everything but the kitchen sink

Kids get caught up in a Web of their own

WASHINGTON - Before long, kids' websites may be in a league of their own. Last week, the Congressional Telecommunications Subcommittee approved a bill that would establish a ".kids" subdomain for websites targeted at children under 13. The new category of sites would enable parents to to screen out inappropriate material by setting their computer browsers to view only websites with the new domain. Supporters of the bill hope the full Energy and Commerce Committee will take it up by the end of this month.

Putin pardons inmate mothers

SAMARA, RUSSIA - Behind the barbed wire of Women's Prison No. 15 stands a pink building, home to 37 young children whose mothers are serving sentences. But the nursery's cribs could soon be empty, due to an act of Kremlin clemency. In January, Russian President Vladimir Putin recommended that all female inmates with children in prison nurseries be pardoned, regardless of their crimes or how much of their sentences they have left to serve. Inmate mothers are expected to be released with their babies in a few months. Much remains unclear about how the pardons will be implemented, and the announcement has stirred fears among prison wardens that even women who are not dedicated to their children will be freed. But Kremlin officials say pardons will be granted only to mothers whose children would be best served by their early release. Of the 45,000 women in Russian prisons, nearly 500 have infants who live in prison nurseries.

The spirit of the Spirit of St. Louis

RHINEBECK, N.Y.- Charles Lindbergh's old plane is being copied, down to the last strut and gauge, to mark the 75th anniversary this spring of his famous New York-to-Paris solo flight. A small squadron of Spirit of St. Louis look-alikes has been created around the world over the years, but the level of detail in this project is unique. When it is completed, the new aircraft will lift off from the Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a haven for vintage planes in the Hudson Valley hills, for a commemorative domestic flight.

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