WWF 2, WWF 0

If you're keeping score at home, chalk up another win - or should that be pin? - for the World Wide Fund for Nature over the World Wrestling Federation. Why would two so totally dissimilar organizations be sparring about anything? Actually, it's over the right to use the initials WWF as a trademark. In 1994, they agreed to a deal yielding the rights to the environmental group formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund. But now both the High Court and Court of Appeal in Britain have ruled that the wrestling folks have been breaching it and must cease and desist.


For at least another three years, some of the oldest and most treasured books in the National Trust libraries of Britain will be gathering dust. And, as far as the heritage foundation is concerned, that's exactly as it should be. About 250,000 books, some of them published way back in the early 16th century, fall into the category. But why not keep them clean? Because curators worry that doing so "out of thoughtless habit" might result in more harm than good. The decision will, however, be reviewed in 2005.

'My Party': Not much fun for folks who rely on computers

Computer viruses, with the potential to reduce activity to a crawl, are a concern for people and companies worldwide. Of the more than 700 new ones detected in February by Sophos Inc., a Lynnfield, Mass.-based company that makes and sells antivirus software in 150 countries, many were variants of familiar strains. Sophos's list of the 10 most common viruses last month, by percentage:

1. My Party 18.9 %

2. Badtrans-B (variant) 15.7

3. Klez-E (variant) 13.5

4. Klez-G (variant) 10.0

5. Magistr-B (variant) 4.8

6. Sircam 4.5

7. Magistr 3.2

8. Nimda 1.8

9. Hybris 1.5

10. ElKern-B (variant) 1.4

- PR Newswire

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