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What: If you're a college senior or recent grad scrambling to break through the lycra-tight job market, this website is for you.

Best points: Collegegrad provides more entry-level job-search content than any other site on the Internet. Users may search for job postings across the United States, post a résumé, and even send in a résumé for a free critique.

Check out the "E-Zine" link for helpful tips on interviewing and negotiating - insights that can come in handy especially now. (The hiring of new college grads in the US will be down 20 percent from last year - and down 45 percent in the West - according to the latest survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.)

Brian Krueger, an active and longtime hiring manager, writes the content for E-Zine. He offers reams of insider tips, like what to talk about in the walk to the interview location (hint: the company). Or how to answer interview questions that range from typical to zany.

what you should know: Mr. Krueger, also the site's president, hawks a few of his wares on the site, but mostly provides useful, free information.

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